Laundry Tips

Today I am sharing a laundry tip at A Moderate Life. This one simple change has greatly reduced the number of asthma attacks my husband and daughter have at night. If someone in your house suffers from allergies and/or asthma, you will want to read about it on Alex’s Baby Steps to a Rockin’ Life.

More Laundry Tips:

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Time Saving Tips otherwise known as Laundry Confessions:

I only fold my kitchen towels when my mother-in-law is coming to visit. wrinkled towels
Wrinkled towels dry just as well as folded towels.

I don’t fold socks either. I just throw them in a basket and let the kids go fishing for socks. Nobody can tell if your socks are wrinkled as long as you wear long pants. Smile

What are your favorite laundry tips?



  1. Annie Jones says

    I can't not fold towels or pair socks. It just isn't in me, I guess. :)

    I like to buy all of my socks the same, all of Kat's socks the same, all of Shane's socks the same. Makes pairing very easy.

    I use only white dishcloths and dishtowels in the kitchen. I can bleach all of them and never have to worry about fading. I can also usually get big packs of them at the wholesale club for cheap.

    I try to never buy anything that has to be ironed.

  2. Laura says

    We do laundry just once a week, on Sundays when electricity costs less. My oldest helps me with it (all day) – it's her chore to help pay for her cell phone (other daughters clean the bathrooms and mop the downstairs). I love not having to think about it during the week, although when the weather improves I'll be doing loads during the and getting them out on the line.

    Each girl has her own style of socks and underwear so we can keep them straight, but each girls' stuff is the same so sorting is very easy. They are responsible for getting items into their hampers for washing – I won't pick up stuff off the floor for them. That's caused them problems from time to time, when something they needed wasn't available because they'd left it in a pile on the floor.

    I dislike ironing, but also hate synthetic fibers, so I usually have a few pieces to iron each week.

    Vinegar is great for getting excess soap out of towels – we do it once a month. It's amazing how soft towels are after some vinegar has been added to the rinse water (also amazing how soapy the water gets from the soap that stays in the towels).

  3. Shana says

    I love the post and the comments!! I have to fold towels and socks though as much as I don't want to. I think I am brainwashed. Chris cracks up because I have to fold them in half and then in thirds so they will lay flat or it drives me crazy.

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