Affordable Gluten-Free Dinners eBook is on Sale


If you or someone you know is new to following a gluten-free diet you will appreciate Affordable Gluten-Free Dinners. Kimberlee shares her family’s gluten-free story,  her seven stages of going gluten-free, and her six tips for making gluten-free affordable.

Her tips for reducing the expense of gluten-free meals includes using naturally gluten-free ingredients and cook from scratch. To help you with this, Kimberleee has compiled 17 gluten-free recipes to use for creating dinner. Since most of the recipes do not require any specialty items, they are quite inexpensive.

Affordable Gluten-Free Dinners eBook is on sale today 1/14 through Thursday 1/17. Use Promo code GFSave to take $1.00, reducing the price to $4.00. You can find out more about Affordable Gluten-Free Dinners here. 


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