7 Tips for Making Carved Pumpkins Last Longer

 Tips for making Jack 'o Lanterns  or carved pumpkins last longer

Don’t you just love carving pumpkins? It is so fun to cut fancy or scary faces into them, pop in a candle, and then set them on the porch to light up the night! Carving pumpkins is a favorite past time of many, but the fun all seems to end once the pumpkin starts rotting and needs to be tossed in the trash. How sad! Well pumpkin rot is unavoidable, but there are tips you can try following to extend the life of your pumpkin. If you have ever wanted to know some ways to make your pumpkins last, take a look below at 7 helpful tips and tricks. By following these tips you will be able to add a little life to your pumpkins, giving you more bang for your buck and allowing you to light up the night a little longer!

7 Tips for Making Pumpkins Last:

1. Timing is everything.  
For warmer climates, wait until about a week before Halloween before you carve. If you live in a colder climate, you can carve about two weeks in advance. Timing is everything if you want your pumpkins to still look great on Halloween day!

2. Reuse silica packets.
Did you know that you can reuse those silica packets that you find in new shoes?  Save them and place them in your pumpkin after carving it as they have preserving properties. You don’t need to tear the pack open, just place it inside whole. Remove before lighting your pumpkin.

3. Look for long stems.
The longer the stem is on a pumpkin, the longer the pumpkin will last. The stem contains a great deal of nutrients that it is continuing to feed the pumpkin, so the healthier the stem, the healthier the pumpkin. Avoid pumpkins where the stem has been broken off or severely cracked.

4. Keep your pumpkins cool.
Keep pumpkins in a shady area that is out of the sun. Heat will wear the pumpkin down and promote decay. Instead, keep your pumpkins in a cool spot in your yard. If temps become really warm, take your pumpkins inside or even place in a refrigerator for a few hours.

5. Apply some Vaseline.
After carving your pumpkin, apply some Vaseline to the fresh pumpkin that is now exposed to the elements. It will create a protective barrier, keeping it from rotting quickly. Apply it thick! It is clear so no worries, no one will see it.

6. Give a spritz of bug spray.
If you live in an area where pests and critters will want to dine on your pumpkin, give it a spritz of bug spray. You can apply a light spray to protect it just as you would your own skin. Reapply after a heavy rain for best results.

7. Use a Homemade Pumpkin Preserving Wash.
Wash your pumpkins with a mixture of bleach and water prior to cutting. This will kill bacteria that could otherwise cause the pumpkin to rot and mold prematurely. Wear gloves when doing his task to protect your hands. Rinse the pumpkin well after washing.

How easy are these tips? Not only are they easy, but they are all inexpensive too! Give these simple tips a try and see how simple it is to make your pumpkins really last this Halloween season. But just be warned, you will have the best looking pumpkins on the block!

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