Eco-Friendly Ways to Upcycle Thrift Store Finds

Eco-Friendly Ways to Upcycle Thrift Store Finds - Here are some common thrift store finds that you can repurpose to live green and save money.

Many people don’t think about buying clothing as being a green or natural living choice, however we know that the more wasteful you are the less frugal and green you are. Eco-Friendly Ways to Upcycle Thrift Store Finds gives you the opportunity to not only save money, but to recycle something someone else no longer needed. This is also a great way to find material to make things for your family.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Upcycle Thrift Store Finds

Look for scrap fabric and clothing that can be used for reusable bags, quilts or throws. I love thrift shopping because I can find so many unique patterns that I might not wear, but I would be able to create something with. Instead of buying new blankets when it gets cold, I like to use old fleece jackets, t-shirts or sweaters to piece together a unique throw or quilt that is warm, durable and machine washable. Old t-shirts can be sewn around the neck and sleeves to create a simple cloth bag for carrying everything from books to groceries.

Look for old furniture for fun upcycled décor items. Rather than spending money on brand new desks, chests, dressers or even end tables, you can easily find older ones in good used condition at a thrift shop. This is a great way for you to create a fun upcycled furniture in your home. Using older items in a fun new way is a great way to show your thrifty and green side within your home décor.

Look for great deals on books. Thrift shops are great for buying books. Not only can you find great older books that could either be collectors items, or potentially be used to create fun artwork or crafts, but you are saving money while reusing something that might otherwise be thrown away.

The practice of going green isn’t limited to just eliminating chemicals from your home, or using alternate sources of energy. Those little things you can do to repurpose an item that might have ended up in a dumpster or landfill are also great ways your family can go green. From clothing to furniture and even books or toys, your family can save money while helping the planet with great deals found at thrift shops.

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