Use Kids Art to Make Note Card Sets

Use Kids Artwork to make Note Card Sets - Frugal Gift idea
Here is a semi-handmade gift idea that is popular with grandmothers: take your kids artwork and turn it into custom sets of note cards. The picture above is of note cards I created using some of my children’s art work for the grandmothers and aunts.

I rummaged through my kids’ artwork and found a couple of pictures that I thought would make lovely note cards. Several of the pictures were too large for my scanner, so I took them to Office Depot to be scanned and saved onto a thumb drive. I was then able to print the pictures on note card stock. All of the sets of cards were completed in less than an hour. I bought a box of 100 envelopes for $9.95 and each card cost .67, so a set of 8 note cards cost $6.16 before tax.  A little more than if I bought a set of note cards at the store, but quite a bargain for a custom, semi-handmade gift!

We are giving some of the note card sets for Christmas and the others will be tucked away until Mother’s Day.

If you have somebody on your list who has everything they need and is at a point in their life where they prefer to receive consumable items, rummage through your kid’s old artwork and see if you have something that could be made into a set of note cards.

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  1. That's a great idea. I'll be using this for Mother's day for the grandmas.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. What a wonderful idea and I really love the artwork you chose, too.

  4. Merry Christmas! That's such a great idea — you come up with some good ones. I appreciate that you're not always concerned with being the most frugal, too; sometimes giving of ourselves means some sacrifice.

  5. What beautiful cards! I love this idea, Alea! People so appreciate thoughtful gifts like this, it is certainly a gift I would love to receive. I remember my sister and brother in law used to let their twin boys design their Christmas cards and then had them printed. We always enjoyed those!

  6. Nice idea, and nice artwork too. Your kids are talented!

  7. Wow. your kids are very talented. You should be one proud momma.

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