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How to Make a Fancy Bow

How to create a reusable bow with ribbon and wire

I love using ribbon to wrap packages. It is so lovely! But it is also quite frugal because you can reuse the ribbon over and over again. I switched over to REAL ribbon ten years ago and sold my in-laws on the idea nine years ago. Now we exchange ribbons back and forth each year. Since I make use of the ribbon I receive, I rarely have to buy new ribbon. If you want to get started using ribbon, both Michaels and JoAnne’s Fabric store have 50% – 60% off sales on ribbon BEFORE Christmas, so you don’t have to wait until the 26th to pick some up.

How to Make a Fancy Bow

Some of the pictures are a bit blurry. It is hard to make a bow with one hand while photographing it with the other hand.

Items Needed to Make a Fancy Bow:

How to Make a Fancy bow with ribbon and wire

  • Salvaged (or new) Wired Ribbon
  • Salvaged Metal Ties (I save these from the packaging from one of my son’s toys).
  • Scissors

Instructions for Making a Fancy Bow:

1. Make a loop. Hold it between your forefinger and thumb. Make a loop. Hold it between your forefinger and thumb.

How to Make a Fancy Bow step 1

2. Then twist the piece of ribbon between your finger and thumb.

How to Make a Fancy Bow

3. Make another loop and twist. Alternating making loops to the right and left of the center loop. Make 4 – 5 loops on each side of the center loop. Make sure to twist after each loop!

How to Make a Fancy bow

4. When you have as many loops as you want, cut off the ribbon.

Instructions for How to Make a Fancy Bow Tutorial with Pictures

5. Place the tie through the center  of the loop, center it over all of the twists in the ribbon, and then twist the tie to secure the bow. After the bow has been secured, alternate pulling the loops up and down to fluff up and round out the bow.

How to make a homemade fancy bow with wired ribbon

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  1. This is an excellent tutorial – I love making fancy bows, but I sometimes struggle with them! There’s nothing like a pretty package whatever the reason for the gift :)


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