How To Use Your Freezer to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

Tips for using your freezer to save money on your grocery bill

Your freezer is the key part of your kitchen when it comes to saving money.  It may seem like it is an ordinary part of your fridge, but if used wisely, you can use your freezer to save money on groceries. Below are ways that you can optimize the use of your freezer.

How To Use Your Freezer to Save Money on Groceries:


Do Freezer Cooking. This is done by freezing parts of meals that are already prepped , most commonly in zipper bags and popping them in a slow cooker. Because you have them ready to go in your freezer, you will be less likely to eat out and you can plan meals based on what is in season without worrying it will go bad quickly.

Coupon and stock up. Many times of the year, you will find some great coupons for many frozen things like vegetables, meats and fruits. When you see a great deal, stock up.

Skip expensive smoothies you buy at the shop. Make your own at home by freezing your own vegetables and fruit that you buy on sale. The trick is to cut them into small bite sized pieces before you freeze so it freezes quickly and maintains that fresh taste. It also makes it easy to pop in a blender.

Make breakfast quick and low cost. On weekends, make extra pancakes or waffles and stick them in the freezer in portion sizes for one person. It is as simple as zapping in the microwave (for pancakes) and sticking in a toaster (for waffles). These portion sizes will cost you pennies!

Buy meat in bulk and rake in the savings. Rather than buy meat in smaller packages, go for the really good deals and stock up. Just portion out meal-sized amounts and freeze them for up to 3 months, depending on the type of meat for best quality.

Make large portions of your favorite soups, stocks, and sauces. Freeze them into meal sized portions and pull them out on nights when you need a quick meal, but want it home cooked. To save space in your freezer, place in zipper style gallon freezer bags laid flat.

Buy bread in bulk or make at home and freeze loaves.  Bread can stay frozen for a couple weeks and maintain its freshness. Just thaw at room temperature with the bag open to allow moisture to escape so your bread does not become soggy.

Stop buying convenience. Buy blocks of cheese and shred your own at home. Dice peppers and onions at home and freeze for use in recipes and even omelets.

When milk is on sale, buy in bulk and freeze. It will stay good for up to a month in the freezer and can be used after thawing in the refrigerator.

Do you buy bananas and find that they go bad long before you are able to make enough banana bread to keep up with them?  Store brown bananas in the freezer for all sorts of uses. You can add it to pancake batter for an extra nutritional boost or put it in a smoothie as a base. Of course, you could also make that banana bread you were going to make anyway, but at least it will be there until you are ready instead of steadily going bad.

Buy key ingredients for soups and sauces you make and freeze them. This can include celery, onions, carrots and even mushrooms.

Start using your freezer to its maximum!

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