How to Save Money on Home Organization

How to Save Money on Home Organization Supplies- Ways to save money while organizing your home with inexpensive or free home organization supplies.

There is nothing quite like restoring order to your home. It is a feeling of not only great accomplishment, but also a renewal. If you are starting an organization project soon, you know that it does require a little bit of an investment and it may feel like the bins, buckets, gadgets and containers you will need to buy are a bit out of your price range. Don’t worry! Here are some tips for staying in your budget and saving money on home organization.

How to Save Money on Home Organization Supplies

Look at places you wouldn’t think for organization bins. Often, you can find them at thrift stores, outlet stores and even garage sales for a very low price. This is also true for file cabinets. You can find them for less than $10 in most cases.

Check your local dollar store for deals on drawer organizers, desk organization as well as small plastic shoe box style bins. These are great for organizing personal care items, hair accessories, pens and craft supplies.

Get creative. Ice cube trays are inexpensive and can be used for all sorts of things from organizing small craft items like buttons or beads to holding nails and screws in the garage. Those silverware drawer organizers work great for organizing pens and pencils in the drawer of your desk.

Re-use jars with lids. Baby food jars, pasta jars and even plastic tubs that held mayo and sour cream come in handy for all sorts of home organization projects and they are virtually free.

Look for free printables online. There are lots of printables available for home organization. With everything from meal planning, appointments and important phone numbers, there is really only a need to buy a couple binders (or find them nearly free at yard sales and thrift stores!) to do your organization in.

Wait for just after holidays to buy home organization stuff. After most major holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween), many stores have bins in festive holiday colors (like green and red or black and orange) on deep discount. If it isn’t important to you on color, you can use these bins that are the same quality as the rest and get them for cheaper, too.

Go through as you are organizing and do a good purge of your items. The less you have at home, the less you will need to find a spot for!

You don’t have to buy organization supplies. There are tons of products out there made specifically for organizing certain things with everything from scarves to spices. Getting organized really doesn’t require you to buy much of anything considering it is an act, not something you consume. Try to not give into purchasing specialty organizers as they will most likely not be efficient and they are certainly not required to have a good, well-flowing home. Here are some storage ideas you can make using repurposed items.

Make sure when you do decide to go buy something for organization purposes that you measure out the size you will need. This not only saves you from buying something that might not be exactly what you need, but the time it will take to return it to the store.

Lastly, check your local freecycle or Craigslist. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen “free containers” or “free coffee cans” on there. These throwaways are perfect for re-purposing into your home storage.

What are some more tips you have for saving money on home organization projects? 

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