Easy Gluten-Free Sandwich Thins

This idea was inspired by the Bread Slabs in Cooking for Isaiah. Nardone used her basic pizza recipe to make thin bread slabs for sandwiches. I used my basic pizza recipe and shaped the dough into rough circles, so my kids can use them in place of hamburger buns.

You can find my Easy Gluten-Free Sandwich Thins at Gluten Free Flavor Full. 

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What easy bread recipes do you use?



  1. Carrie says

    What a great idea Alea! I've used a flat bread for sandwiches, waffles, etc… sometimes quick is best! I love your blog title too! Super cute! :-) Gluten free definitely does not have to be lacking in flavor! I look forward to reading through your blog, I just discovered it today via Iris' blog!

  2. Linda says

    Great idea! It's lunch time now and I wish I had one of those. I received my Cooking for Isaiah book, but haven't tried any recipes yet.

  3. Anonymous says

    How were the flat breads, was it worth making them. Oh Linda definently do I make two things and they came out wonderfully.

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