Finding Inspiration and Adapting Recipes to Create Gluten-Free Recipes

I find inspiration for recipes everywhere: my imagination, restaurants, delis, friends, family, and bloggers. Just because my family follows a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean I limit my sources to gluten-free sites. Every once in a while, someone will email me to let me know that a recipe I featured or pinned contains gluten. I appreciate the concern and always reassure them that I will make it gluten-free when I prepare it.

Although I started my trek down a gluten-free path 18 years ago, my family didn’t join me until 4 years ago. Over the years, I became very good at creating and discovering recipes that were naturally gluten-free or only needed slight adaptions, so I wasn’t cooking 2 different dinners each night. Since my family now follows a gluten-free diet, I have had lots of fun adapting old family desserts and coming up with new ones.

When I shared my adaptation for Gluten-Free Oatmeal Shortbread, I included links to some of Laura’s other recipes that I was able to easily modify to make gluten-free and I thought I would share my perspective on a few of the entries from last week’s Hearth and Soul Hop so you can see how I look at the variety of recipes that are entered each week. Some of the entrants place a GF by their post so I know it is gluten-free, but I often discover other entries that are naturally gluten-free which is always a delightful surprise. However, I find inspiration even from recipes that are filled with wheat flour:

No Yeast Bread – I love the concept. I will try my basic gluten-free flour mix and if it works, experiment with whole grain gluten-free flours.

Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cake – Can’t wait to try this cake. I will use my basic gluten-free flour mixand I know it will turn out well and my family will hail me as a hero. Later I might experiment with the flavors, other additions, and making it lower in fat. So many possibilities!

Herb Crusted Ribs with Orange Sauce- Hallelujah!  This is one of those megafinds that requires no adaptations! Miz Helen used cornstarch instead of flour. Bless you Miz Helen!

Homemade Ravioli – I’ve wanted to learn how to do this so I can make gluten-free ravioli, so I bookmark this as a resource.

Buttery Zucchini and Garlic and  Chili Lime Sweet Potatoes – Naturally gluten-free – that is why I love fruits and veggies so much!

Shrimp and Spinach Mini Pizzas and Portobella and Kale Pesto Pizza – I can put these toppings on my gluten-free pizza dough.

Cinnamon Toast Muffins- Halleujah! Another megafind that requires no adaptations!

I enjoy reading all of the submissions to the the Hearth and Soul Hop and the Gallery of Favorites each week. I never look at a recipe and see something that I can’t eat, instead I am inspired to look for possibilities. If you are interested in learning more about adapting recipes to make them gluten-free, I have shared my Tips for Adapting Recipes to Make them Gluten-Free at The 21st Century Housewife.



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    Although my family can eat gluten, I always enjoy learning more about gluten free cooking and recipes as so many of my readers follow a gluten free diet. Thank you for sharing more excellent information, and for highlighting the wonderful guest post you did for me :)

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