Gallery of Favorites 3/2

Gallery of Favorites
April of The 21st Century Housewife and I would like to welcome you to our weekend blog hop: Gallery of Favorites!

This week we are featuring the Garlic Ginger Paste Recipe from MJ’s Kitchen:

MJ has shared several delicious recipes with the Gallery including Preserved Lemon Rice and Garlic Soup. She has spent over 30 years creating new recipes for family and friends. She says describes her recipes as simple “with only a few ingredients that can be cooked any day of the week in less than an hour, and in many cases, 30 minutes”.

The Gallery of Favorites is a place for you to feature your favorite posts from your own blog. Although April and I both spend a lot of our time writing about food, we do have many other interests and we know our readers do as well. The Gallery of Favorites is a place for all bloggers – not just food bloggers – to share their ideas, interests and passions.

Link up your favorite post(s) below.
Include a link to your post, rather than to your blog.
Include a link to one of the hosts in your post, either through text or with a button:
Gallery of Favorites
The Gallery of Favorites will remain open for entries until Monday afternoon.



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    Thanks so much for featuring MJ’s Kitchen this week! How exciting! Those are 3 of my favorites which are perfect for this gallery. Thanks to you and April for hosting this blog hop each week! Those of us that link up really appreciate the opportunity to share of favorites! I hope you both have a marvelous weekend!

  2. says

    Happy Friday Alea! Thank you for inviting me today!
    I shared my recipe for Apple Oat Bran Muffins. This recipe is gluten free, but can be made with “regular” flour if you don’t have issues with gluten.
    I also posted a recipe on my blog last week for Carrot Cake Muffins that taste amazing and they are healthy too!
    Thanks for hosting!

  3. says

    Hi! Thank you for hosting, this week I’ve shared my quick curry recipe! It’s a very delicate flavour! I just clicked the link to the Ube Ice Cream – I’ve never heard of Ube before! It’s great to find out about new things! Thank you for hosting!

  4. says

    Thanks again for hosting the Gallery. This evening I linked my most recent B-attitude post.

    We have only enough money for a single tank of gas this month and debated being prudent. Should we eke the gas out to last us the entire month? Heck no! We decided instead to go adventuring along logging roads, over the spine of the island, to the western shore. This post is borne of some of the sights we saw on our trip.

  5. says

    Thank you again for hosting. This week I’ve linked my recipe for Corned beef and Cabbage Casserole. This simple, filling, inexpensive dish is a good choice for the last cool evenings of winter.

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