Gallery of Favorites 4/19

Gallery of Favorites
April of The 21st Century Housewife and I would like to welcome you to our weekend blog hop: Gallery of Favorites, a place for all bloggers to share their ideas, interests and passions.

Jenn reviewed Gwenyth Paltrow’s cookbook My Father’s Daughter and shares her thoughts on the recipe that she tried: Spaghetti Limone Parmeggiano.

Jenn’s New Year Resolution was to cook more, eat out less, and hopefully save a little money in the process. She is blogging her culinary adventure to keep motivated. She shares her triumphs, failures, and her bulldog Rosie provides comic relief. And when she takes a night off from cooking and discovers a new foodie gem in Seattle, she shares a review. If you are looking to incorporate some simple and delicious recipes into your busy schedule, check out her  Everyday Recipes and Quick and Easy Recipes.

We would love for you to share your favorite posts with our Gallery of Favorites below. Posts on any subject are welcome. You can share new or archived posts, but please update the latter with a link back to the Gallery.

Link up your favorite post(s) below.
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Gallery of Favorites
The Gallery of Favorites will remain open for entries until Monday afternoon. We hope that you will take the time to visit some of the other entries in our Gallery of Favorites. It is a great way to discover new writers, or a new side to some of your favorite bloggers.



  1. says

    Thanks for hosting. I’m looking forward to checking out the good links this week brings.

    I’ve linked “Mushrooms for the Freezer.” I had the good fortune to get a large quantity of inexpensive mushrooms this week. This post is about how to cook them and then save the leftovers for use another day. I hope you find it helpful.

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