Gallery of Favorites: First Edition

Gallery of Favorites

Last week, I mentioned that April, from 21st Century Housewife, and I would be merging Feed Me Tweet Me and the Weekend Round Up into one new hop. This week I am excited to introduce you to our new hop: Gallery of Favorites. Although April and I spend a lot of our  time writing about food, we do have other interests and we know that our readers do as well. We want to give everyone the opportunity to  share their ideas, interests, and passions. This  hop is for all bloggers – not just food bloggers – to feature their favorite post on any subject.

We hope that you will take time to view the entries in our Gallery; discover new writers or discover a new side to some of your favorite bloggers.

April and I will be featuring a post each week. Today, we wanted to share  Muskoka Bean Salad from Becky of From Ministry to Motherhood.

I have fond memories of bean salads at the picnics and family reunions of my childhood. I was entertained by the fact that Becky purchased a cookbook written by an owner of a small diner and then located the diner to try a few of the recipes in real life, including the Muskoka Bean Salad.

What have you been focusing on this week? Share your favorite post!

Gallery of Favorites will remain open for entries through Sunday evening.

Include a link to your favorite post, rather than to your blog.

Include a link to one of the hosts in your post, either through text or button:

Gallery of Favorites



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