Gluten-Free Honey Cake

 I enjoy playing with alternative sweeteners. My favorite is brown rice syrup, with honey a close second.  Honey is sweeter than brown rice syrup, so you can use less of it in recipes, making it easier to create a balance between your wet and dry ingredients. The other advantage honey has is that I actually know the family that owns our local apiary. There is just something so satisfying about knowing exactly where your food is coming from.

February 2010 253

You can find the Gluten-Free Honey Cake Recipe at Gluten Free Flavor Full.

February 2010 249

I made whipped cream with honey and used it to frost the cake.
For more gluten-free recipes visit, Gluten Free Wednesdays.



  1. Michele Chastain says

    Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Do you eat oats? I know some people are sensitive to them and some are not. I make my own granola and if you want the recipe, let me know. :)

  2. Alea says

    I am fortunate and can eat oats, as can my daughter. I would love your granola recipe. Do you have a link to it?

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