Gluten-Free Pear Bread

Because of a conversation with a complete stranger, I decided to create a Gluten-Free Pear Bread Recipe. You can read about my random conversations with strangers and recipe at Gluten Free Flavor Full.

October2010 229

The first loaf was gone before the sun set!



  1. Linda says

    I've never had pear bread. What a great idea! That's funny that people talk to you like that. I sometimes have people ask me questions in the grocery store, but not too often.

  2. gfe--gluten free easily says

    Oh, Alea, I love your story and this bread. And, I have homegrown pears from our mountain property on the counter. :-)

    I think you have a lovely, warm and inviting face with a beautiful smile. I'm sure that's the reason folks seek you out!


  3. Lea says

    Hi, I was intrigued by your GF pear bread but both- The Gluten-Free Pear Bread link and the Gluten Free Flavor Full links do not work. Any suggestions? Thanks, this looks terrific!

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