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Italian Squash Salad

This side dish is easy and does not involve any cooking.


1 yellow squash, cut into thin slivers with a peeler

1 zucchini, cut into thin slivers with a peeler

1 small onion, finely chopped

Italian dressing.

Use a peeler and cut across the cross section of the summer squash and zucchini to make very thin slices. In a medium bowl, combine squash, zucchini, chopped onion, and enough dressing to coat the vegetables. Put a cover on the bowl and let it marinate over night. Serve chilled.

This recipe is very flexible. You could use cucumber instead of the zucchini, add thinly cut carrot strips, or add fresh herbs from your garden. The possiblities are limited only by what you have in your garden or refrigerator. If you are looking for more summer squash recipes I have compiled a list from some of my favorite blogs. Click here to view it.

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About Alea Milham

Alea Milham is the owner and editor of Premeditated Leftovers. She shares her tips for saving money and time while reducing waste in her home. Her favorite hobby, gardening, is a frugal source of organic produce for her recipes. She believes it is possible to live fully and eat well while spending less.


  1. This looks good!

  2. I love squash so this is right up my alley. Thanks!!

  3. darnold23 says:

    So different. I will have to give this a try. I hope you will visit and check out Crock Pot Wednesday starting this week. There are some really great giveaways.

  4. Yummy! I'm on the look out for more summer squash recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  5. heartnsoulcooking says:

    YUMMY!!! I have lots of squash in the garden. THANKS!!! for the recipe. Geri

  6. You said the magic words – NO COOKING! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  7. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says:

    Sounds good. I just bought squash and zucchini today.

  8. I've never seen this before but it looks really good!

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