Menu Plan – Week of 6/24

How to Create a Menu Plan - Tips for creating a menu plan

I am returning from a trip today so I plan on taking it easy tomorrow. Then I will dive back into my regular cooking routine. It is important to occasionally give yourself a day off or plan easy meals when you know you are going to be tired or stressed. If you don’t, you will get burnt out. When I need an easy meal I turn to either quesadillas or frittatas.

MondaySpinach and Mushroom Quesadillas and a garden salad

TuesdayChili Lime Chicken with Sour Cream Sauce, Rice, and Green Beans with Garlic .

Wednesday – Use leftover rice to make Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Pork (Healthified), and Easy Broccoli and Beef

Thursday – Use leftover Chili Lime Chicken to make Enchiladas with White Sauce. Serve with a garden salad.

Friday – YOYO Leftover Buffet (YOYO = You are On Your Own)

SaturdayGrill Steaks, Summer Squash with Herbs, and Sauteed Broccoli

Sunday – Use leftover Steak to make Steak and Artichoke Frittata.

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