Menu Plan – Week of October 25th


My garden is slowing down. Tonight we will have our first freeze which will kill off all of the tomatoes, peppers, and squash in the raised beds. I have already moved some of the plants to my container garden, so we can enjoy some home grown veggies all winter, but they will become a treat rather than the foundation of every meal. Not everyone is as sad about this as I am. My daughter refers to all of my “garden recipes” as “Death By Vegetables” and has asked several times “when will gardening season end and baking season begiApril 2010 290n?”

I have found that I can keep greens growing in my garden all winter long, even with below zero temps and several feet of snow. So we will continue to enjoy homegrown salads with lunch and dinner. I have root vegetables stored in the pantry and some veggies flash frozen in the freezer, but my grocery bill is going to jump by at least $20.00 a week now that I have to purchase fruits and veggies.

This also means the return of premeditated leftovers!

Monday – Pasta with Vegetables and Alfredo Sauce (recipe up Monday night) and Garden Salad

Tuesday –  Broiled Chicken, Long Grain and Wild Rice, and Sautéed Summer Squash

Wednesday –  Use some of the leftover chicken to make Pasta Salad.

Thursday – Use leftover Alfredo Sauce and some broiled chicken to make Chicken Alfredo Pizza. Serve with a garden salad.

Friday – Use the last of leftover chicken and leftover rice to make Chicken and Rice Soup. Serve with a garden salad.

Saturday – Casual Party for 20+. Barbecue Beef, Herb Roasted New Potatoes, Baked Beans, Strawberry Spinach Salad. Desserts are TBD

Sunday – Leftover Buffet

For more menu ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday.



  1. Sheila says

    Your menu sounds wonderful. I love the "death by vegetables" comment–sounds like something I would hear at my house. I've been trying to recreate leftovers into something new lately. I think it makes my family more willing to eat leftovers. Yesterday, I made a big pot of chili–tomorrow I'm making a sort of tamale pie–chili with cornbread on top. Have a great week.

  2. tamilyn says

    I have a question maybe you can answer. This is the first year I had success with herbs in my garden. I'm wondering-do any come back the next year? I know some died out with our first cool snap but my rosemary, chives and parsley are still really green yet. Are these ones that will be perennials? If you know…..

  3. Elizabeth says

    So happy to have found your blog!!
    I have to get my garden boxes up and planted yet. Down here in SW Florida.
    Peace and Health,

  4. Elsa says

    The salad looks delicious.
    Salad can be grown in the winter outside? Even in the snow? I didn't know that. I will try it out.

  5. Alea says

    @Tamilyn Some varieties of rosemary are cold hardy – let's hope yours is. Parsley is not a perennial, but if it hasn't flowered it will keep growing through out the winter. I cut mine back before a snow, because the leaves will yellow and die back when it snows, but more parsley will pop back up. The chives can handle frost, but will die back when it freezes, but since they a re a bulb they will reemerge in the spring. Sage and mint both pop back up easily in the spring.

    @Elsa, I have had best luck with spinach, kale, and swiss chard. You want them to have a good start before your first freeze. If they are still babies when you get your first freeze you can make a cloche by cutting off the bottom of a milk jug to provide them with some protection.

  6. Ellen says

    I love a well organized menu like that where you keep pulling in things from before that are made into something new.

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