10 Fun and Frugal Ways to Keep Cool

Heather is sharing 10 fun water and ice activities for kids to enjoy on a hot summer day:
10 Fun and Frugal Ways to Keep Cool

We’re more than halfway through our summer break and just now starting to feel the heat. As the kids begin to anticipate school, I’m trying to get them outside while they still can. But, it’s just too hot to play!

Cue the water, ice, and fun ways to keep cool at home. Sure, they’d like to hit the waterpark every day, but our budget doesn’t quite allow for that frequency. Instead, we’re looking for frugal activities to help them beat the heat in our own backyard.

Here are my 10 favorite ideas to play with water and ice:

Have fun and stay cool!



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    I’m so excited to be included in this post! Thanks for sharing our Water Blob. I”ll be sharing your post on my Facebook page this week :-)

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