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A Source of Free eBook Lists for Kindle, Nook, and Other Readers

How to get lists of free ebooks for Kindle and NookWhen I have time, I love going through Amazon in search of a free book or two or three…But I have been pretty busy this summer and I don’t get over to Amazon as much as I would like. So I was excited to find a service that delivers a list of free ebooks to my inbox every morning: BookBub!


BookBub provides a free daily email notifying you about free and deep discounts on acclaimed and bestselling eBooks. You choose the types of books that you’d like to get notified about — with categories ranging from romance to biographies to mysteries to cookbooks — and BookBub sends great deals in those genres to your inbox. BookBub has lists of free and discounted books for all of the major devices including: Kindle, Nook, iPad, Google Play, Sony Reader, and Kobo.


I like BookBub’s book descriptions. I feel they are better organized than Amazon and provide more useful information. Because they send a list of both free books and discounted books, you need to be careful to check the price before you download a book. BookBub does not have a gardening section, so I will continue to peruse Amazon occasionally looking for free books and if I discover a useful book, I will pass it on.


You can sign up for BookBub here and start receiving a list of free ebooks that match your interests.

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