How To Find Free Music on Amazon

How to find free music on Amazon - How to find free MP3s by genre

Finding free music on Amazon is a great way to learn about new artists, find amazing covers of your favorite song and expand your musical horizons beyond what you hear on the radio. Below I have detailed how you can go about finding free music on Amazon. Don’t forget to bookmark this post for future reference.

To find free music on Amazon look at the best selling music by genre (free category) and download those songs/albums that appeal to you. Be brave and try a new artist, song or genre! The only thing you have to lose is storage space and even with that, you can delete a song if it ends up not being your taste. That is the beauty of FREE music.

It is important to note that at the time of publishing, each song or album is free; however, over time the songs/albums will return to a paid status so it is imperative that you download the item you are interested in immediately.

To help you out here are links to some of the bestsellers in various genres:

Free – All Genres
Free – Children
Free – Classical
Free – Country
Free – Folk
Free – International
Free – Jazz
Free – New Age
Free – Rock
Free – Soundtracks

Lastly, if all the methods above fail to find you what you are looking for, let me know what you are hoping to find and I will do my best to assist you.

Good luck and happy listening!



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