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St. Patrick's Day Golden Slime Recipe

A fun slime made with gold metallic paint and gold glitter.
Keyword: St. Patrick's Day Golden Slime Recipe
Author: Alea



  • 1 cup  white school glue
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1/2 to 1 tablespoon sensitive saline solution
  • metallic gold acrylic paint
  • gold glitter optional



  • Pour school glue into your container and stir in baking soda to mix well.
  • Once your first two ingredients are combined completely stir in gold paint and glitter if you want to add it for extra sparkle until you reach your desired shade.
  • Slowly add saline solution and mix until slime begins to pull away from the sides of the container and is just barely sticky, you don't want to add too much or you will lose that wonderful stretchy slime texture that kids love so much!
  • Now you want to pick up your slime and knead it in your hands to finish mixing.


To store, place slime in a plastic bag or any container with a fitted lid, most of our slimes last for several weeks. To give your slime another fun element add golden coins, plastic rainbows like this LEGO one we created, green and gold beads or table confetti.