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Apple Stamping Craft

A fun fall craft for kids using apples for stamps.
Author: Ann


Materials Needed:

  • brown construction paper
  • white construction paper
  • white glue or glue stick
  • scissors
  • green paint
  • red paint
  • 2 foam brushes
  • 2 paper plates
  • 2 apples cut in half
  • apple seeds reserved from cut apples
  • markers optional


  • Use scissors to cut a piece of construction paper in half.
  • Cut one-half of a sheet of paper into long strips. Cut one-half of a sheet of paper into short strips.
  • Lay one long strip on a flat surface and place the short strips in the opposite direction, overlapping and gluing the pieces together.
  • Use long strips to weave the basket and glue the ends.
  • Finish the basket with one long piece of paper, on the top and secure with glue. Trim the sides of the basket and round the corners on the bottom of the basket.
  • Place paint on paper plates. Use foam brushes to apply paint to sliced apples and stamp them onto white construction paper. Let dry.
  • When dry, use glue to add the basket to the paper and the seeds to the apple.


Optional: Add stems and leaves with markers if desired.