Groundhog Puppet: A Groundhog’s Day Craft for Kids

Groundhog Puppet: A Groundhog's Day Craft for Kids. This frugal and easy Groundhog's Day craft is a fun activity to do with your children.
Can you believe that Groundhog’s Day is nearly here? Pretty soon (February 2nd to be exact), Punxsutawny Phil will be popping his furry little head out of his burrow, and the country will be waiting to see if he spots his shadow or not. Should he spot it, he will run back into his hole and spring is another six weeks away. Should he find himself fearless and not see it, we can expect a sooner spring!

Groundhog’s Day Craft for Kids

This year, why not join in on the Groundhog’s Day festivities by creating your own Groundhog’s Day craft? This puppet is the perfect craft for little hands, and they are sure to enjoy their own renditions of Groundhog’s Day over and over again. You only need a few supplies, so take a peek below and see how to craft your own!

How to Make a Groundhog Puppet:

Supplies needed:

  • Brown and white craft paper
  • Paper cup
  • Green craft paper or felt
  • Pair of googly eyes
  • Wood craft stick
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

We were able to find all of the supplies we needed at our local dollar and craft store. These are easy to come by objects that you should have no trouble rounding up!

supplies for Groundhog's Day Craft for Kids


1. Begin by crafting your groundhog first. To do this, cut a simple oval shape out of your brown paper. This will be the body of your groundhog.

assembling Groundhog's Day Craft for Kids
2. Cut a square out of white paper and make a slit down the center of it. These will be your teeth. Adhere them to the head of your groundhog with glue, along with the pair of googly eyes. You can also snip out and adhere two tiny ovals for ears.

3. Once the body is formed, glue the wood craft stick to the back of the body.

4. Wrap your green felt or green craft paper around the paper cup. Secure it with glue and trim away any uneven edges. This will now act as your groundhog’s burrow.

assembling Groundhog's Day Craft for Kids
5. Take scissors and create a slit in the bottom of the paper cup. Place the groundhog in the cup and pull the wood craft stick down through the hole. You will now see that it will move up and down like a puppet.

Now the only question is, will the groundhog see its shadow?

Groundhog's Day Craft for Kids

When you make your own Groundhog’s Day craft for kid’s puppet, the choice is up to you!

Groundhog's Day Craft for Kids

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