Ideas for Reusing Tissue Boxes

I have mentioned before that we usually use handkerchiefs (I actually cut up soft pieces of flannel for my toddler; it is so much gentler on his little nose than even the softest paper tissue, but I digress). I do, however, keep Kleenex on hand for company so I occasionally have leftover boxes. Before I recycle an item, I like to see if I can repurpose it. Below are a few ways that I have found to reuse tissue boxes:

Cut off the tops and use the tissue boxes to hold colored pencils, markers, and other craft supplies. It is easier for young children to access the items and put them away:

April 2010 397

Put an empty tissue box in the laundry room to hold the dryer lint. When the box is full, I put the lint out for the birds to use or add it to my compost pile.

February 2010 037

The most creative use for a tissue box that I have seen is in this month’s edition of Family Fun. They used a tissue box to make a Marshmallow Catapult:

Some other uses for tissue boxes:

Use a tissue box to store plastic grocery bags.

Some of the images on tissue boxes are so pretty that they can be used to make gift tags and book marks. Cut out the image, glue a piece of colored paper to the unfinished side, use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top, and insert a ribbon to attach to gift.

You can use a tissue box and paper towel roll to make this tissue box guitar.

Next time I have two empty tissue boxes, I am going to make this tissue box traffic light with Rew.

And of course, you can always just remove the plastic, break them down, and recycle tissue boxes, but that is not nearly as fun as making a Marshmallow Catapult! Do you reuse your tissue boxes? Do you reuse other containers or boxes instead of tossing or recycling them?

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  1. martianne says:

    We love to repurpose, too. As my little ones are yougn and we are home preschooling them, I tend to keep old tissue boxes around for many purposes – crafts, activities, storage, etc. My youngest loves to play with little things, putting them into and out of containers, so tissue boxes ar eperfect for this. They also work for storing small toys on shelves, such as miniature plastic animal figurines. And, as big construction blocks… Ideas are endless. And, so often, up to a child's imagination more than a Mom's! :)

  2. Cool ideas! I usually just put ours out for recycling, but I love these ideas and may have to incorporate for our homeschool.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  3. I think the marshmallow catapult is hilarious! But on a practical note, I love the idea of storing dryer lint in a tissue box. I'll have to give that one a try!

  4. I love the idea of using it on the dryer to put the lint in. I will start doing that–but love the catapult idea.

  5. I use one to hold plastic grocery bags. I recycle all the surplus boxes.

  6. I would definitely do the dryer lint holder, except we don't buy tissue any more! I will have to ask my daughter to bring an empty box home from school. Our pretty tissue box cover is now in the kitchen holding plastic bags. I also like the gift tag idea!

  7. Steady Plodder... says:

    I love these ideas! My youngest is in Scouts and we've been talking about reusing things instead of automatically recycling them. He turned an old tissue box into a bank. I like the ways you reused yours for your son!

  8. Let'sMakeADifference says:

    Great ideas! I always feel guilty throwing them out!

  9. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love the 'spontaneous vacation' idea!! If your daughter comes up with more sayings like that, she should write a book!

  10. The Book Lady Online says:

    What fun ideas!!

  11. Great ideas! I added a link to this article to my What Do You Reuse? article. Another use for any thin paperboard boxes is making name tags; put them on people with string or pins.

    We are handkerchief users too, and we keep some of our smaller hankies (mostly cut-up old T-shirts) in an old tissue box next to the bed.

  12. Lots of fantastic ideas! I'm going to adopt the one for holding dryer lint. And I never ever thought of leaving it for the birds. How thoughtful!

    I rarely get the tallish ones. But if I do, I know how I'll repurpose it. Thanks!

  13. RobbieKay says:

    I have a question from looking at your picture. That looks like the peppermint Dr. Bronner's. Do you use that in your laundry? I was going to try a new detergent recipe using castile soap, but then realized that all I had was the peppermint Dr. Bronner's and worried that the oils in it would end up staining my clothes. (BTW, it's the best thing I've found for cleaning brushes and combs!)

  14. Thanks for the tip on cleaning brushes and combs. You can use the peppermint Dr. Bronner's in laundry soap, (I usually use Fels Naptha when making my laundry detergent), however even diluted it leaves your clothes with a minty scent which we don't really care for. I had just used it to wash saddle pads. I use 1/4 cup of Dr. Bronners and 1/4 washing soda when I wash them and they come out very clean which always amazes me.

  15. RobbieKay- Not sure if that last comment made sense (cold medicne makes me really loopy), but even though I don't use the Peppermint Dr. Bronner's on our clothes, I do use it to wash animal blankets, sleeping bags etc. I also use it as an organic insecticide in my garden by using 1 T. Dr. Bronner's to 1 quart of water.

    BTW, Do you have a blog? I clicked on your profile and it didn't list one, but sometimes bloggers forget to add it. If you do leave me a link, I'd love to visit.

  16. RobbieKay says:

    You made sense. No, no blog, at this time, just a Google account. :)

    I actually noticed when I was washing my hair with Dr. Bronner's peppermint castile liquid soap this morning amidst everything else on the bottle it did say that it was safe to use on silk and wool. I may give it a try as I am getting tired of grating soap to make detergent (I don't have a food processor). If we can't endure the scent, we can always use it for washing rags, I suppose.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

    - Kris

  18. I use all of our leftover boxes on my cricut. Typically I am covering both sides of the project with pretty paper anyway, and love to know that I am reusing.

  19. A friend gave me a holiday box of Kleenex–one of those square ones with the pretty decorations and a ‘hologram’ (can’t remember the technical term for it}. It was so nice but well, it was a tissue box and I had to justify keeping it. So, I used it to hold the plastic cutlery at our next holiday party and got raves on it (had to put a plastic grocery bag in the bottom of it because it was too deep but that just made positioning the cutlery easier.

  20. Great ideas! I just wrote a post not too long ago about repurposing a tissue box to hold grocery sacks to keep in my car. I’m taking your idea of using one to keep dryer lint…so much easier than taking my trash can upstairs to empty!

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