Pizza Quesadillas

How to Make Pizza Quesadillas

Tonight I am sharing my oldest son’s quesadilla idea, Pizza Quesadillas, at $5 Dinners.

After a week of quesadillas, I wasn’t sure how these would be received, but they were a hit. My daughter declared them the best quesadillas yet. I told her they were her brother’s idea and she said, “I should have known! You are all like ‘let’s have spinach and mushroom quesadillas’ and Grant’s like, ‘let’s have real food: pizza quesadillas”. I think we will be working on their definition of real food during the winter break. :)

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    Your kids are hilarious. I could eat quesadillas every day and never get tired of them (real food or not). Your son’s pizza quesadillas would go over well with my son!

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