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How to Find Free Kindle Books on Amazon

How to find free Kindle books on Amazon - help finding free Kindle eBooks by genre

Would you like to be able to find free books for your Kindle any time you want? Most days, I post a round up of 10 free Kindle books, but I occasionally take time off when we are on vacation or one of my kids is sick. I know that most of my readers appreciate the convenience of my list of free Kindle books, but I wanted to share how you can find free eBooks on your own when I am not able to publish the list.  I have created a list of links that will take you to specific genres to make it easier for you to find free books in the categories you are most interested in.

Here is the main page of Free eBooks for Kindle. From the main page, you can select free Kindle eBooks by subject. I have created links directly to some of the most popular genres. Let me know if you need help finding a particular category of book and I will do my best to find a link for you. Book mark this post or specific links to make it easier for you to find books when “you have nothing to read”.

Free Fiction and Literature on Kindle:

Free Mystery Books on Kindle

Free Romance Books on Kindle

Free Historical Fiction on Kindle

Free Science Fiction Books on Kindle

Free Non-Fiction Books on Kindle:

Free History Books on Kindle

Free Cookbooks on Kindle

Free Gardening Books on Kindle

Free Biography and Memoirs on Kindle

Free Business and Personal Finance on Kindle

Free Parenting Books on Kindle

Free History Books on Kindle

Free Health and Fitness Books on Kindle

Household Tips

Free Religion and Inspiration Books on Kindle (some religious fiction ends up grouped in this category).

Free eBooks for Youth:

Free Children’s Books on Kindle

Free Teen’s Books on Kindle

Don’t have a Kindle? Just download a FREE Kindle Reading App for your computer, smart phone or tablet!

You can also borrow many Kindle books if you join Amazon Prime. As an Amazon prime member, there are an additional 35,000 Kindle titles that you can borrow for free.

Do you have a Nook reader instead? Here’s how you can find free books on Nook.

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