How to Dice and Freeze Bell Peppers

Save money by freezing peppers in bulk when they are on sale

Bell peppers are in season which means they are available for great prices at the stores and might even be available for free from your gardening friends. Take advantage of these inexpensive bell peppers and stock your freezer with diced peppers to get you through the winter when they are outrageously expensive.

How to Quickly Dice Bell Peppers:

Chop and dice peppers quickly with kitchen scissors

My trick for quickly dicing bell peppers is to use my kitchen scissors.

1. Cut off the edges of the bell pepper with a knife.

2. Use kitchen scissors to cut the large pieces of bell pepper into strips.

3. Use the the scissors to cut the strips into smaller pieces.

fast and easy way to dice peppers with kitchen scissors

How to Freeze Diced Bell Peppers:

save money on bell peppers by freezing them in bulk

Think about how much bell pepper you usually add to your recipes to determine the best quantity for bulk freezing diced peppers. I often use 1/2 cup of bell peppers, so I freeze diced peppers in that quantity. However, it is easy to open a bag and remove a smaller quantity if necessary.

1. After dicing bell peppers, measure and add 1/2 cup to a snack size ziploc bag.

2. Squeeze the air out of the bag, seal it, and lay it flat on a cookie sheet.

3. After all the diced peppers have been bagged and place on a cookie sheet, place the cookie sheet in a freezer.

4. Once the peppers are frozen, remove them from the cookie sheet. You can now stack them or file them on their ends where ever you have a convenient space in your freezer.

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  1. says

    I really like the idea of using kitchen scissors! That really never occurred to me. I also like to freeze strips to fry up as a side dish later too.

    • says

      To prevent freezer burn, pat the peppers dry and get as much air out of the bag as possible when you close it up. They last in the freezer for up to 6 months.

  2. says

    A girl after my own heart! I have been freezing leftover bell peppers for years. I buy the organic ones and they are too expensive to throw out if you haven’t used them and they start to go bad.

    Also, it is so easy to take them out of the freezer and use them when all the prep work has already been done. Thanks for sharing your ideas.



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