Frugal Spring Date Ideas

Frugal Spring Date Ideas

Spring is going to be here before we know it! I have to admit that spring is not my favorite season, it’s not quite warm enough for me yet and it’s still a little too chilly. With that said it’s still a great time to enjoy some quality time with your honey. The different frugal spring dates you could go on is endless but I’m going to list some of my favorite! The best part about these date ideas is that they won’t break the budget.

Frugal Spring Date Ideas

Hiking – Date nights don’t have be about expensive dinners, flowers and romance. In fact sometimes just getting out and enjoy the outdoors provides more romance than any dinner ever could. Take some time to research hiking trails in your area and make it a point to spend a day getting out and enjoying some fresh air with your husband or wife. Don’t forget to look for hiking trails with waterfalls for an extra element of romance.

Picnics – While a nice dinner out is nice it’s not always affordable. In fact a dinner date night is sometimes completely out of the budget! Find a picnic spot and then cook up some yummy picnic food right from your pantry and refrigerator.

Farmers Market – Do you feel like you and your spouse get stuck in a rut on the weekends? Wake up, have some coffee, breakfast and then do the normal household chores? Change things up and visit a Farmers Market. This will give the two of you an opportunity to get in some exercise by walking the market and the chance to experience new foods. Not to mention you’re supporting local farmers!

Visit State and National Parks – State and National parks are huge tourist destinations and with good reason, it’s affordable. Summer and winter seem to be the busiest times of year for State and National parks, so why not visit during the spring? The weather is usually perfect for enjoying the outdoors and there is plenty to do without spending a lot of money. Look up State and National parks in your area and start planning your spring date.

Camping – Spring time is a great time to get in some camping. While the weather isn’t usually very warm, it’s still warm enough to enjoy a budget friendly getaway with your significant other. Camping gives couples the perfect opportunity to get in some great quality time!

Enjoy an Outdoor Cafe – In most parts of the country it’s not always easy to enjoy and outdoor cafe. The weather is usually bone chilling cold or way too hot. But spring is a great time to sit outdoors and enjoy a meal. Visit an outdoor cafe during the lunch time hours to maximize your savings and make this date even more frugal.

Attend a Baseball Game – Spring and baseball go hand in hand! Even if you don’t enjoy baseball you might enjoy getting out with your honey and enjoying a live game. Most baseball games are fairly affordable, even professional games. Not to mention baseball parks normally have a specific day of the week with discount admission and $1 hot dogs. If you’ve never had a ballpark dog, you’re missing out.

What is your favorite frugal spring date?

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    Nice ideas! Add to this: large rummage sales. They’re fun to peruse in general, and it’s a good opportunity to learn more about your partner – old things they used to have as children, things they wish they had, etc. Might even find something you both like! Or at least it’s a good chance to people- and junk-watch :)


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