How to Make a Sugar Bowl Candle or Tea Cup Candle

How to make sugar bowl candles and  tea cup candles

Making Sugar Bowl Candles and Tea Cup Candles is an easy, frugal, do-it-yourself gift.  They can be elegant or playful depending ont the containers you choose to use. You can also create a touching  sentimental gift by repurposing chipped family china to make your candles.

Tips for Saving Money on this Project:

Buy sugar bowls or tea cups at a thrift store or discount store.

Compare prices between buying the wax at Michael’s using a 40% off coupon or buying parafin wax from the hardware store. Since wax is usually sold in 2 -4 pound bricks, you could go in on this purchase with a friend.

If you don’t own a double boiler, find an oven safe bowl that you can place over a pot to create a makeshift double boiler.

How to Make a Sugar Bowl Candle or Tea Cup Candle

Items Needed:

sugar bowl or tea cups

1 lb. wax (soy wax works well)

scent (optional)

wick with base (You can buy a spool of wicking and a package of wick bases or you can buy them premade)

double boiler

funnel (I use my wide-mouth canning funnel)

hot glue gun (optional)


Place wick in sugar bowl or tea cup. If you are making your own wicks, cut a length several inches longer than your container. Attach it to the metal base, place it in the container, and then wrap the extra length around a pencil to hold it in place.

Place wax in double boiler. Melt the wax according to the package directions.

Once wax is melted stir in the scent if you are using any.

Pour the wax into the bowl or cup using a wide mouth funnel to minimize drips. Let it sit until the wax completely hardens.

If you made a tea cup candle, you can glue the cup to the saucer with a hot glue gun.



Tea Cup: $2.50
Sugar Bowl: $1.99
Wax: $1.00 per container
Wick: with base $0.37 each
Scent: $0.20 per container
Glue: $0.03 per tea cup

Total Cost for Tea Cup Candle: $4.10

Total Cost for Sugar Bowl Candle: $3.56

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  1. This is adorable Alea – I think it is the perfect gift for that hard to buy for lady!

  2. I LOVE this idea. I think I would use beeswax to make them. Thanks for the idea!!

  3. These are just beautiful! What a great gift, and fairly easy to make as well. I love how frugal they are too!

  4. Accomplishing designs and homemade projects in your house should be fun, plus its another thing that one could develop into a small home-based business once you get used to what you are creating. Candles are always a popular thing, since they are for virtually every season of the year, they create wonderful gifts, and you could put all the creativity as you have into the candle making designs that you think of. This website is perfect for reinforcing these points and concepts.

  5. this is such a good idea my daughter is going to love doingg this for her Nana


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