Recycle Household Items to Create Unique Wrapping Paper

How to make wrapping paper from recycled items

Recycle Household Items to Create Unique Wrapping Paper

The holidays are a special time of year and as family and friends gather together it should all be without pressure –even the gift wrapping. Yes, gift wrapping can often be a stressful venture because while the gift itself is the main focus like many other things in life presentation counts for a lot.

Now, there are many types of generic looking rolls of wrapping paper out there but most of the gifts you’ll be giving aren’t going to random personalities in your life. They will be presented to special people and loved ones that deserve a lot; even when it comes to wrapping paper.

For this reason why not cover the presents with a truly personal touch and make your own from various household items. Next to the choice of gift taking this creative route shows lots of love because of all the extra effort you put into this step.

That being the case, consider some of the following household items that can be transformed into holiday wrapping.

Use Newspaper as Wrapping Paper

Don’t just look at newsprint and see black and white or something for composting. Newsprint can actually be a really nice way of wrapping gifts because of its monotone nature.

Think about it. When gifts covered in newsprint are juxtaposed with all the other colorful decorations around the home, even if they are just in the area of your tree, the black and white can suddenly be more than just news stories.

Furthermore, newspaper is easy to get and there’s usually some lying around the home ready to be recycled.

NOTE: Try and use sheets that are not crinkled and for an added touch use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to decorate the newsprint itself.

Use Cardboard to Wrap Gifts

Every once in a while a cardboard box ends up in our home and I’m always wondering whether to throw it out or if there’s something it could be used for. If you’re currently in a similar situation and looking to wrap some gifts cardboard is another option.

Depending on how much cardboard you have and how many gifts need to be covered, it can be cut to size so it fits just right. Also, since it’s more durable than newsprint it can be painted on and given an entirely new look.

Use Hand-me-downs as Gift Wrap

We all end up growing out of yet holding on to various articles of clothing. Reasons vary as to why we sometimes can’t let them go but if you’re one of these people give the clothing to someone you know will use it can often be the antidote for having trouble releasing long held possessions into the world.

If this resonates with you consider using some of these items to wrap up gifts for the holidays.  It’s like giving two gifts in one and is a great way to recycle and reuse.

Use Photographs to Personalize Gifts

If you’ve been planning on going through your collection of photographs and downsizing keep in mind that these can be made into one of the most personalized forms of gift coverings possible. Especially when the photographs are of the person for whom the gift is intended.

They can either be taped together one by one to cover the item or cover the gift with something like newsprint and then paste or tape the photographs on.

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