Tips for Fitting Short Bursts of Exercise into Your Day

Finding time to Exercise
Last month I wrote about how I lost 15 pounds in 2 months doing short bursts of exercise. Since then, I have lost several more pounds and I thought I would share how I fit those short bursts of exercise in my day.

Dress in Comfortable Clothing to Get More Exercise:

To fit more exercise into your day, you need to wear comfortable clothing. This doesn’t mean you have to wear sweats. You just need to wear clothing that allows you to move. So trade in your pencil skirts for stretch jeans, knits, even lose skirts. After I get dressed in the morning I try doing a few jumping jacks in my clothing to see if I have a full range of movement.

How to Fit in Exercise Around the House:

Do lateral squats while you blow dry your hair.

Do toe raises while you brush your teeth.

Do leg lifts while you fold laundry.

Do butt kicks while you wash dishes.

Before you sit down in a chair, get in the habit of doing squats before you settle in.

Put on music and dance.

Put on music with a fast beat when you clean and you will find that you clean faster.

How to Fit in Exercise While Away from the House:

Do lunges around the play ground while your child plays.

Do tricep dips on the park bench.

Play tag with your children.

Take the stairs, instead of the elevator.

When doing errands, park far from the doors and walk briskly to the store.

Squat down, pick up your child and lift them to the moon while standing in line. If your children are to heavy to lift, you can still play the “jumping to the moon game” with them. Squat down and then jump for the moon. You can get away with all sorts of ridiculous behavior in public if you pass it off as playing with your children.

How do you fit exercise into your day?

Before you start any new exercise or diet regime, you should visit with a doctor. You may have other underlying factors that should be addressed by a trained medical professional. I have very good doctors and I am grateful for their wisdom, treatment, and sense of humor when putting up with me.



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    I’m a weather wimp so lately I haven’t been going out for my usual walks. Instead, I find myself walking indoors, either up and down the stairs in our building or around the inside of one of the big box stores (lots of acreage there). I march in place in front of the TV, which feels (and looks quite silly but at least gets me moving and burns a few calories.

    • says

      Those are good tips! When I was helping my grandma regain her strength after an illness, I would take her to Walmart to walk. She had the shopping cart to provide support and it was easier for her to “exercise” while distracted by all the things to look at.

  2. says

    I used to do things like this, but sadly have gotten out of the habit. Thank you for the reminder. It really is so easy to add some extra movement and exercise into your day. I keep a set of weights near my computer, so I can move from my work to a few, quick arm exercises in a matter of seconds.

  3. says

    Stairs are probably my favourite choice for an easy burst of exercise. I also find getting into exercise clothes ahead of workout time is useful, especially during chilly weather.

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      Confession: If I am going to exercise in the early morning, I sleep in yoga pants and a t-shirt, because the thought of changing clothes early on a frosty morning is enough to keep me snuggled under a pile of blankets.

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    Great tips! I do a lot of these things. I also sit on an exercise ball while working at the computer, which is good for abs and “core strength” and also burns a few calories. I work walking into my everyday life by living in a neighborhood where I can walk my kid to school and take a bus to 4 blocks from work and walk the rest of the way; we also can walk from home to many stores and our church. I also get extra exercise from going up and down stairs a zillion times a day, but that’s really more of an accidental consequence of forgetting to get everything I need from the other floor…but if someone shopping for a new house is also looking to increase fitness, I recommend buying a house with stairs! :-)

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