How to Make Applesauce in a Pressure Cooker

Easy ugar-free applesauce recipe made in a pressure cooker

We have 2 apple trees so I have a lot of apples to process each fall and not a lot of time to do it. To speed up the process of making homemade applesauce, I cook the apples in my pressure cooker. This greatly reduces the cooking time allowing me to make multiple batches of apples sauce in one afternoon.

This applesauce recipe is made without using sugar. Instead I use apple juice concentrate to naturally sweeten the applesauce. I also add spices to my applesauce.

How to Make Apple Sauce in a Pressure Cooker

I do not peel the apples. I just removed the stem, seeds, and then coarsely chop the apples before placing them in the pressure cooker. The apple peels will be finely chopped up when I blend the mixture after it is done cooking and no one will know that I left the peels on.

How to Make Apple Sauce in a Pressure Cooker
Recipe type: Canning
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4 - 5 pints
Fast and easy method for making applesauce.
  • 32 small green apples, quartered and cored*
  • 1 can apple juice concentrate, thawed
  • 3 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon ginger
  1. Put the quartered apples in the pressure cooker (do not fill beyond the fill line of your pressure cooker).
  2. Pour concentrate over the apples. Add spices. Lock the lid in place. Cook over high heat until it reaches high pressure.
  3. As soon as it reaches high pressure, remove the pressure cooker from the heat.
  4. Allow the pressure to drop naturally.
  5. When the pressure has been released, you can safely remove the lid. And you will find super soft, mushy apples.
  6. Use an immersion blender or ladle the apples into a blender and blend a couple of cups at a time.
  7. After blending, pour the contents into a large bowl. After all of the blended apples have been poured into the bowl, stir well to ensure the spices are evenly distributed.
*I leave the peels on. They will be completely blended into the applesauce in the last step.


The first batch of the season is always consumed in a couple of days. I can the later batches using the water bath method. Since we have 2 apple trees, we enjoy applesauce all winter long.

How to make applesauce in a pressure cooker - easy sugar-free recipe

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  1. The Thrifty Countrywoman says

    Didn't know that you could can it without sugar. Now I know what to make for all my diabetic friends! Love that you left the peels on. That will make it a lot easier!


  2. Joyce says

    I love homemade applesauce but I do not own a pressure cooker. My Mom had one and used it all the time. I should buy one since I know it sure would cut down on kitchen time.

  3. ButterYum says

    I did a blog post about pink applesauce once. Yummy stuff! I don't have a pressure cooker thought… I just cook mine on the stove top… like my hubby's grandmother used to do it.

    Homemade is the best!

    • Joyce Owen says

      I use 1 can of jellied cranberry sauce in mine. Just stir it in when you blend in the spices and my husband LOVES it.

  4. kissykat says

    That looks so delicious! Does the concentrate substitute as a sweetener? Not that you need one, but I have seen no sugar jam recipes that call for concentrate like that. What a great idea to leave the skins on too!

  5. Mary says

    I really like your recipe. I have one that is similar but I keep my apples a bit chunkier to provide some texture. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  6. Karen at Nittany Inspirations says

    My parents and grandparents used to make applesauce outside in a large iron kettle over a fire. I have seen pictures of them stirring it with a large paddle. Hmmm, I think I will research how that was done.

  7. Karen at Nittany Inspirations says

    Continued from previous post: Now that I think about it, they made apple butter, not apple sauce.

  8. Alea says

    Karen- You might be right on both accounts. Apple buter is made from apple sauce. They might have made the apple sauce and then immediately started turing it into apple butter. I make apple butter in a crock pot.

  9. Michelle says

    Have not seen green apples in such a long time, actually since I was a kid. The green sour apples do make the best pies and applesauce!

  10. Grandma Elsie says

    I never heard of leaving apple peels on when making apple sauce. With the spices it sounds like Apple butter we make here in Virginia. But I put some liquid cinnamon in it too.
    Elsie <><

  11. Cass @ That Old House says

    I did an applesauce recipe today, too — also leaving peels on. Yours is much more complex, though — looks delicious!

  12. says

    I’m with Grandma Elsie, this does remind me of apple butter recipes. Yumm. I like that you leave the peels on, they have so many nutrients in them. Now I’ve got a hankering for some apple sauce.

  13. Mariwe says

    Can you mix different apples and still leave the skin on them and make apple butter out of it by cooking it longer, in the pressure cooker?

    • says

      You can mix different types of apples and leave the skins on. When I make apple butter, I make applesauce first, then I transfer it to a crock pot and make the apple butter in a crock pot.

  14. mary young says

    I just made the above apple sauce with skins on. Worked very nicely and I added cardimon.
    My hand was getting tired with the emersion blender for the last bit of apples. So I skimmed
    across the top area and got it all. I think I will go back and give it another whirl. Very tasty.
    To make it even easier I used one of those round apple slicers. Thanks. Mary

  15. Barb Riccio says

    If I cut your recipe in half, how long will it last in the fridge…. there’s only 2 of us and we don’t eat that much anymore.

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