10 of the Best Places to Find Seafood Coupons and Deals

best places to find seafood coupons

Do you love shrimp, lobster, and other tasty seafood varieties? Seafood can be a yummy addition to our diets, and it is high in nutrients our body needs. However, the cost of seafood may send you into slight sticker shock. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the seafood you love for less, take a look below at ten of the best places to find seafood coupons! You can still enjoy all of the fish, lobster, and other seafood items you love without spending an arm and a leg to do so. Instead, check out these seafood coupon hot spots and enjoy your favorites for less.

In many cases, the savings below are for frozen varieties of seafood. Frozen varieties are another great way to enjoy seafood for less. It can be just as fresh and delicious as fresh all the while leaving some extra cash in your pocket. Now, see how much you can save!

10 of the Best Places to Find Seafood Coupons

1. Seapak
Seapak makes a variety of quality seafood products including salmon burgers, coconut shrimp and more. Visit their site and print your coupon for $1.00 off any Seapak seafood product.

2. Gortons
Gortons makes a variety of grilled seafood items including fish, shrimp, and more. While they do not have printable coupons at this time, you can email them and request coupons. During a recent request they sent me several $1/1 coupons good on any Gorton’s product.

3. Van DeKamps
Van DeKamps offers a variety of quality seafood products and when you visit their website, you can print a coupon for $1.00 off their many products.

4. Seabest
Seabest makes a variety of seafood products including salmon patties, fried seafood options, fish fillets and more. Visit their website and find a store near you, recipes, and more. You can also print a $1.00 off coupon good on your next purchase.

5. Target Coupons
Target updates its coupons each month and many times they offer coupons good on Market Pantry fish products. You can also stack any name brand seafood coupons you find with coupons offered by Target. Check back often for the most recent selection.

6. Mrs. Paul’s
Mrs. Paul’s offers 100% whole fish fillets perfect for grilling or baking. Visit the site for a free newsletter, recipes, and even a coupon good for $1.00 off your next purchase.

7. Fisher Boy
Fisher Boy is famous for its crunchy fish sticks! Visit their site for great recipes, a newsletter, and a printable coupon good for .75 cents off your next purchase.

8. Coupons.com
Coupons.com has a large selection of coupons. Check the grocery category for printable coupons on your favorite seafood products.

9. Facebook
Follow your favorite brands on Facebook and you will be the first to know when they are offering their followers a printable coupon.

10. Grocery Store Websites
Most grocery stores offer printable coupons on their website. Sometimes they are printable coupons and sometimes you can load the coupons directly to your rewards card. The great thing about grocery store coupons is that they will sometimes offer you a few dollars off a purchase from the seafood department which allows you to buy fresh fish rather than frozen.

Cash Back Deals on Seafood

1.  SavingStar
SavingStar occasionally has seafood offers. SavingStar eCoupons can be directly loaded to your grocery store rewards card.

2.  Ibotta App
Ibotta has a variety of cash back offers each week and occasionally has an offer good on seafood. Some are good at a specific store, but most offers are good at any store that allows Ibotta.

3.  Checkout 51
Checkout 51 is a cashback app that can be used on your computer or smart phone. You will occasionally find a cash back offer on frozen seafood products on Checkout 51.

Non-printable Seafood Coupons

1. Wine Tags
You can often find wine tags, or coupons hanging on wine bottles that are good on meat and seafood purchases. The next time you buy a bottle of wine or peruse the wine aisle, keep your eyes peeled for coupons good on your next fresh seafood purchase.

2. Newspaper Coupons
Sometimes, brands will offer you money off your seafood product when you purchase their product. For example, you can sometimes find money saving coupons offering cents off seafood when you buy a certain brand of cocktail sauce or bread crumbs. Keep your eyes peeled for these in your Sunday paper!

3. Look for peelies/blinkies
Before buying a seafood product, look on the package for any peelable coupons. Or, look near the display for any coupons in a blinkie machine. You can also look in your grocer’s fresh fish case and see if any items have peelable coupons on them in order to make a quick sale.

Save More on Seafood with Coupon Matchups

Once you find your seafood coupons and deals, save even more by combining them with sales at your local grocery stores. Use the Favado App to find the sales on seafood at your local stores. You can also find deals on specific brands by searching the app for sales on your favorite brands.

As you can see, there are plenty of places to dig up seafood coupons good on your next purchase. Give these sites a try and see what sort of savings you can “fish” up!

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