How to Save Money on Utilities in the Winter

How to Save Money on Utilities During the Winter

Don’t get me wrong I love summer, but there is just some majestic about the winter. The holidays are in full swing, the snow falling and warming the house up by baking some homemade bread really does lift my spirits. With that said, I don’t really enjoy cold weather, in fact I keep my house pretty toasty. I also don’t enjoy large utility bills! The last few years I have made it my personal mission to reduce my energy bills during the winter months. I hope some of the things I have been doing help you as well.

How to Save Money on Utilities in the Winter

Redo Your Weather Stripping: This is a very easy fix that can make a significant difference in your heating costs. If you aren’t up for the project your local electric and gas company might be willing to come out do it for you, for free! Updating your weather stripping is something you should check as soon as possible. Here are more tips for winterizing your home.

Lower Your Heater: During the winter people will typically keep there heater set between 68 and 70 degrees. If possible lower your heater to 65 degrees. You might have to put on a sweater or a cozy pair of sleepers, but the energy you are saving is well worth it when the bill comes in. During the late night hours you can even set the thermostat lower since the human body produces heat while sleeping.

 Use a Fireplace or Wood Burning Stove: The cost of propane and electricity are on the rise each year. If at all possible use a fireplace or wood burning stove to heat your home. The price of wood for the winter season is typically less expensive then running your heater unit. In some areas of the country you can purchase a permit to go into the National Forest and cut down your own wood. These permits will vary from state to state but they normally cost around $25. More tips for saving money on firewood.

 Toss the old Christmas Lights: Every year we dig out those old Christmas lights that are in a tangled mess and half the lights don’t work anyways. This year toss your old Christmas lights! Replace any old lighting with new LED Holiday lighting. Not only will not have to deal with the tangled mess but you will save money with the newer LED lighting.

 Open the Blinds: Start your morning off by letting the sun shine in. Even that little bit of sun shining outside can help to take the morning chill of the house. Not to mention sunlight will help you start your morning off on a positive note.

 Check the Filters: Every year you should replace the filter in your heating unit. You can buy a pack of filters for your heater for under $20 and it will save you money on future maintenance and your monthly heating bill.

 Cook: Winter time is the perfect time to bake homemade bread, stews, cookies and any other homemade meals. While you are cooking turn your heater off or down very low. Since you will be cooking up lots of yummy treats the stove will help to keep your home nice and toasty.

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  1. Kristi S. says

    We pre-buy our propane at a set price in the fall. It saves hundreds per winter season. We can also pay to lock-in a certain price if we didn’t have the extra to pre-buy. Both make for decent savings.

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