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Creating an Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape

Can you believe how fast this year has gone by?  It is almost mid October and before you know it, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  Turkey and dressing, all of the delicious side dishes, and the decadent desserts!  It’s one day of the year that I let myself eat until I just can’t eat anymore.  But there is one more thing that you must have for your Thanksgiving dinner.  A beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape.

How to Create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece using items from your home and yard

Today I am going to share simple ways to impress your guest this Thanksgiving with setting a beautiful, elegant table.  Rustic seems to be the big trend this Thanksgiving and I am going to share how to mix a little bit of rustic with a lot of elegance.

Creating an elegant tablescape is not hard at all, and their really is no right or wrong way to achieve the look you want.  However there are items that you must have to pull off  the perfect classic look.

How to Create an Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape


Must have items:

  • candlesticks –  glass, silver, brass
  • vases
  • goblets  or mason jars
  • candles
  • fresh flowers, greenery, berries
  • china
  • table linens
  • small pumpkins and pine cones
  • place mats

Frugal Tip: shop your thrift stores!   Thrift stores have an abundance of candle sticks, vases, dishes, etc.   Sometimes you can even find your nicer brands like Lennox.

Fresh flowers and pine cones can come from your back yard.  If you have a tree with berries, use them too.  They are a great way to add a pop of color and texture .

Your  arrangements do not have to be over the top.

Start with your  arrangement.  


Frugal and elegant centerpiece Thanksgiving

  • add fresh greenery, berries, pumpkins, and pinecones down the center of the table.

Add your candlesticks 

  • The trick to candlesticks is layering.  Mix tall and short, brass, gold, and glass candle sticks together.  Create visual interest with the different heights, sizes.

*tip~Use white or cream candles to maintain an elegant look

Add placemats or chargers for each guest.

  • this is where you will want to use texture and materials like wicker, bamboo, etc. to add more rustic elements.

Add fabric napkins

  • If you want to add more pops of color, use a colored napkin.

Add your china

Add your glass goblets 

  • If you want to add more rustic elements, add mason jars instead of goblets.

How to create a frugal, yet elegantThanksgiving tablescape

 By following these simple steps, you can have a beautiful elegant and rustic Thanksgiving tablescape for entertaining your guest in style.

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