7 Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipes

7 Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipes- These non traditional pizza crusts and crust substitutes are all gluten free. Try one at your next family pizza night!

Everyone loves a nice pizza, but it can be tough if you have to have a gluten free diet.  These 7 Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipes are perfect for keeping the family pizza night a tradition.  So many hesitate to eat gluten free breads thinking they won’t be as yummy. However, we have proven that […]

Tips for Eating Gluten-Free on the Road

Tips for Eating Gluten-Free on the Road- These helpful tips will help you and your family stay gluten-free and avoid allergic reactions while on the road.

When you leave for vacation this year no need to fear what you eat when you use these tips for eating gluten-free on the road. Whether you have a medical diagnosis of Celiac Disease, or simply have a gluten sensitivity that brings minor discomfort, it can be tough eating on the road. With strange restaurants […]

20 Gluten-Free Muffin Recipes

20 Gluten Free Muffin Recipes

We love muffins for breakfast and snacks, and these 20 Gluten-Free Muffin Recipes make great additions to our menu plans.  I love that I was able to locate some savory muffins as well to add to this list. Muffins aren’t just for sweets, but also for lunch and dinner.  We have some fun choices in […]

15 Gluten-Free Brownie Recipes

15 Gluten Free Brownie Recipes

I can’t live without my chocolate, and these 15 Gluten-Free Brownie Recipes are absolutely perfect for feeding that craving.  Just because gluten isn’t allowed in my diet doesn’t mean I can’t have something totally decadent to satisfy my craving for chocolate deliciousness.  These recipes are some of my personal favorite gluten free brownie recipes.  They […]

15 Gluten Free Pancake Recipes

15 Gluten Free Pancake Recipes

Everyone loves a great warm pancake breakfast, and these Gluten Free Pancake Recipes make that possible for the entire family.  Gluten allergies and sensitivities can take away a lot of our favorite comfort foods.  Pancakes don’t have to be one of them.  There are tons of great pancake options out there that contain no gluten […]

Gluten-Free Brownies

Gluten-Free Brownies - A Chewy and Fudgy Brownie Recipe

After I shared my gluten-free brownies with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting, I realized I had never shared my gluten-free brownie recipe. I am not sure how I forgot to share this recipe because it is one of the recipes that I worked the hardest to develop. When I went gluten-free, I tried some of […]

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Gluten-Free Banana Bread Recipe with Chocolate

Hi all! I’m Elise from The Frugal Farm Wife. I’m so excited to share one of my new favorite gluten-free recipes here on Premeditated Leftovers today! I love banana bread. All of my life, it’s been one of my favorite treats, and I was so happy the day I found a gluten-free banana bread recipe […]

Gluten-Free Mocha Fudge Cake

Gluten-Free Mocha Fudge Cupcake Recipe

I shared my Mocha Fudge Frosting recipe almost 6 months ago, but like with my Gluten-Free Chai Spiced Cake, I forgot to share the recipe for the cupcakes after sharing the frosting recipe. Oops! Again! My family has long loved my Mocha Fudge Frosting, but I always served it on top of chocolate cake. It […]

Gluten-Free Chili, Macaroni and Cheese Casserole

Quick and Easy Chili, Macaroni and Cheese Casserole Recipe

I started talking to my son about food at a young age. When your child has Celiac Disease, it is especially important for you to talk not just about food groups, but discuss the ingredients in foods. He had to learn early not only that he couldn’t eat gluten, but which ingredients contain gluten. Many adults still […]

Gluten-Free Cookies and Cream Rice Krispies Treats

gluten-free cookies and cream rice krispy bars

  I saw Oreo Rice Krispie Treats on the Frugal Navy Wife and thought they looked like something my kids would enjoy, so I decided to create a gluten-free version for my family. My youngest son had lots of fun helping me. I let him count the marshmallows and put them in a pot. Then […]

Gluten-Free Mocha Fudge Doughnuts


What is better than coffee with your doughnuts? Coffee in your doughnuts! These Gluten-Free Mocha Fudge Doughnuts are seriously good doughnuts. I feel that I should point out that we don’t eat doughnuts for breakfast. In our house, doughnuts are considered a dessert. With good reason! I am still having fun with my Sunbeam Donut […]

Gluten-Free Jalapeno Popovers – An IBS-Friendly Recipe

Gluten-Free Jalapeno Popovers Recipe

I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome as a child. That was over 30 years ago and unfortunately my doctor didn’t understand the role that food played in my symptoms. I spent much of my childhood fluctuating between severe constipation and severe diarrhea. Both extremes were accompanied with cramping and abdominal pain. I remember visiting […]

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pancakes


I love love love pumpkin! It makes every recipe feel like a dessert – even pancakes. If it were up to me I would make pumpkin recipes all year round. And it is up to me, so I do. However, I realize that most people think of pumpkin as an autumn food, so I have […]

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

Pumpkin muffins are a family favorite! They are so popular that my kids act like I am feeding them cupcakes for breakfast when I make my Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins Recipe. And I am totally fine with that! These gluten-free pumpkin muffins rise well and have a moist crumb. They can easily be made dairy-free without affecting […]

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe

Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookie and pumpkin cookies are my daughter’s favorite, so when I saw recipes for Pumpkin Snickerdoodles floating around the internet I knew I would have to make some. I didn’t see a gluten-free version of Pumpkin Snickerdoodles, so I had to decided between adapting one of the recipes I saw to […]

Gluten-Free Chai Scones with Vanilla Glaze

gluten-free chai scones recipe

My kids have long been the inspiration for my recipes. When they were really young I was just trying to find ways to get them to try new foods and flavors. Then I was trying to find new ways to use their favorite foods. When we discovered that my oldest son was lactose intolerant I […]

15 Gluten-Free Lunch Recipes for Back to School

15 Gluten-Free Lunch Recipes

Check out Gluten-Free Back to School Lunch Ideas by Alea Milham at Foodie.com Navigating the school lunch room can be intimidating for children, even if they don’t have Celiac Disease or a food allergy. Add in Celiac Disease and adults who do not entirely understand their dietary requirements and it can be a dangerous situation. I […]